President Lee has the look of an action figure, complete with rippling muscles, an intense stare, and strong, masculine good looks. To the young boys of the mission, it's as if their childhood superhero was brought to life. Only now he's in a white suit and tie and carrying the Book of Mormon.

With this, President Lee has managed to cultivate a status of respect and reverence from the impressionable crop of devout teenagers, making him a powerful asset in the Order's membership. Either by fear or fascination, the young boys will do what he says with a quick "yes sir," knowing that his strength and power is unimpeachable.

President Lee CHAPTER 1

Elder Campbell   INITIATION

Elder Campbell stood before the handsome President Lee, completely naked save for the ceremonial shield he was given [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 2

Elder Campbell   ATONEMENT

Elder Campbell had fantasized about Bishop Hart for so long, he’d become a powerful and commanding force in his life [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 3


President Lee was highly impressed with Elder Campbell’s performance on the priesthood stretcher. The boy didn’t go as [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 4


Elder Zachary went into a panic! He searched all over his room and couldn’t find his camcorder. He thought he’d put it away [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 5


Bishop Gibson followed President Lee into the sacred chamber, eager to see what the older man had to teach him. As a [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 6

Elder Dalton   Initiation

Elder Dalton tried hard to focus. As he stood in his temple shield, he did everything he could think of to keep his mind clear [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 7

Elder Ingles   Disciplinary Action

Elder Ingles made his way to the temple nervously, not quite sure if he was in trouble. He’d been told somewhat ominously [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 8

Elder Ormonde   The Interview

Elder Ormonde left the temple confused. He fidgeted with his shirt sleeve, trying to keep it aligned correctly with his suit  [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 9

Elder Dalton   The Covenant

Elder Dalton crawled on his hands and knees behind Bishop Hart. The handsome older man had placed him in just [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 10

Elder Ingles   Second Anointing

Elder Ingles could hardly believe his eyes when the blindfold was removed. He was on his back breathing heavy when [More]

President Lee CHAPTER 11

Elder Dalton   Second Anointing

President Lee watched closely as Bishop Hart fucked deep into the small boy. Elder Dalton gave of himself so freely and [More]