President Ballard is a man who can’t help but command authority. His deep, gruff voice and stern appearance immediately turn every young man into a submissive little boy. And while he is not an angry man, he does enjoy the effect he has on the missionaries he looks over.

As a high priest, he knows that his power can come in especially useful when bringing new members into The Order. His direct and firm approach often breaks in the most stubborn of boys. And what his words can’t accomplish, his thick-as-a-can fat cock finishes the job.

President Ballard CHAPTER 1


Elder Dobrovnik is thrilled that he is being given the chance to join The Order. The young Mormon boy [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 2


All the blood rushes to Elder Dobrovnik's head and cock. The strapping, Russian teen has been commanded to lie [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 3

Elder Dobrovnik   ATONEMENT

Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 4

Elder Esplin   THE CALLING

Following Esplin’s hot encounter with President Oaks, he still had a number of questions and uncertainties about his place  [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 5

Elder Dobrovnik   THE COVENANT

Elder Dobrovnik woke up early and began his morning routine of push-ups and sit-ups. They helped him [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 6

Elder Esplin   ATONEMENT

Elder Esplin simply could not reconcile all his frustrations with the Church. Everything he’s been raised to [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 7

Elder Farnsworth   INITATION

Elder Farnsworth was familiar with the Order long before his previous meeting with President Oaks. [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 8

Elder Dobrovnik   ORDINATION

Elder Dobrovnik stood tall in his white shirt and tie. He was proud to soon be ordained and receive the higher priesthood  [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 9

Elder Esplin   THE COVENANT

Since his phone call with President Ballard, Elder Esplin found himself moving about his day with an unexpected ease. [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 10

Elder Farnsworth   THE ENDOWMENT

Soon after his disciplinary meeting with President Oaks, Elder Farnsworth was brought to temple to be presented [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 11

Elder Farnsworth   THE COVENANT

Elder Farnsworth finished putting on his temple robe and eyed the tiny corridor. It couldn’t have been more than a couple [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 12

Elder Farnsworth   ORDINATION

Elder Farnsworth could hardly contain his excitement as he prepared to receive the higher priesthood. [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 13

Brother Calhoun   THE CALLING

The Mormon leadership makes a regular practice of interviewing and questioning the young men of their ward. [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 14

Elder Gardner   INSPECTION

Elder Gardner felt like his back was going to permanently fuse with the back of his chair. He’d been sitting in a state  [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 15

Elder Gardner   INITIATION

President Ballard knew what it meant for Elder Gardner to be initiated into the Order. Not only was he opening himself [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 16


President Ballard stood the boy up, grabbing his cock and feeling the tip sticky with pre-cum. Kissing him again, he [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 17

Elder Gardner   THE COVENANT

The knock on the door was louder than he expected. Elder Gardner had been told to undress completely, shedding even [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 18

Elder Gardner   The Atonement

When Elder Gardner was called back to the temple, he was full of excited anticipation. He knew he was once again going [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 19

Elder Lund   INTERVIEW

Elder Lund made his way to the temple, subconsciously dragging his feet with each step. Worthiness interviews [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 20

Elder Gardner   THE NEW NAME

Most boys feel an intense feeling of honor and fulfillment once they’ve been initiated into the Order. The Brethren see it plainly [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 21


Brother Strang has enjoyed partnering up with Brother Eyring, but it was never fully above board. Brother Eyring loved [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 22


Elder Lund lied in bed next to his companion, Elder Gardner, still catching his breath from the intense session of kissing  [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 23

Elder Lund   ATONEMENT

Initiates are instructed to never divulge the secrets of the temple. They must never talk about the Order outside the temple [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 24

Elder Addison   The Interview

Elder Addison had only met President Ballard a handful of times, and never very intimately. He’d taken note of the older [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 25

Elder Edwards   The Interview

Elder Edwards sat with his chest out, shoulders back against the chair, keeping his head held high. He’d been taught his  [More]