For Brother Calhoun, his time as an elder was the best years of his life. He made amazing friends and felt completely at home among the other missionaries.

Now that his mission is over, he's enjoying his new role as ward mission leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the experiences of the missionaries he looks after.

He trusts that his current calling will be just as fun that he'll make some new friends. Little does he know the men of the Order have a lot more in store for him.

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 1

Brother Calhoun   TEMPLE VIOLATION

Brother Calhoun loves being the Ward Mission Leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the [More]

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 2

Elder Xanders & Brother Calhoun   THE WARD MISSION LEADER

Brother Calhoun couldn’t stop thinking about what happened on the stairs. In the nights that followed, he even dreamt [More]

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 3

Elder Garrett & Brother Calhoun   BROTHER'S OATH

Elder Garrett had been spending a lot of time with Brother Calhoun, the ward mission leader. His companion gets [More]

Brother Calhoun CHAPTER 4

Brother Calhoun   THE CALLING

The missionary leadership makes a regular practice of interviewing and questioning the young men of their ward. [More]