Brother Hart is the true fox in the hen house. He may dress the part of a wholesome member of the church, but anyone can see there's wickedness behind his eyes.

And like a fox, his sly, cunning, devious behavior make him a loyal servant of the Order. When he gets his sights on a young missionary, little excites him more than hunt. And he knows how to trap his prey just when they least expect it.

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 1

Elder Campbell   THE INTERVIEW

Young love can be a confusing thing. Hormones are racing, your body’s changing, and there’s pressure from the world around  [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 2


Elder Campbell awoke from his bed with a start. He was dreaming about Bishop Hart again and didn’t know [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 3

Elder Campbell   THE CALLING

Elder Campbell had spent several days thinking of Bishop Hart, fixated on his incredible good looks and powerful presence. [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 4

Elder Campbell   THE COVENANT

Bishop Hart has a particular way of doing things. And the brethren make allowances for his particular methods [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 5

Elder Campbell   ATONEMENT

Elder Campbell had fantasized about Bishop Hart for so long, he’d become a powerful and commanding force in his life [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 6

Elder Zachary   THE INTERVIEW

Elder Zachary looked down at his shirt as he pulled it out of his pants. He’d taken great care to keep it neatly tucked and [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 7

Elder Campbell   ORDINATION

Bishop Hart sat on the arm of the temple altar bed, waiting patiently for Elder Campbell to arrive. The day had come for the [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 8

Elder Zachary   INITIATION

Elder Zachary couldn’t believe what had happened. As he sat frozen and restrained against the chair, he felt pools of his cum [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 9

Elder Campbell   BROTHER'S OATH

Having been Ordained by the Order, Elder Campbell felt an intense sense of belonging. He had secured his place [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 10

Elder Ingles   THE CALLING

Elder Ingles was in a constant state of buzzing. He practically skipped everywhere he went, still high from the thrill of fucking [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 11

Elder Ingles   INITIATION

Elder Ingles stripped out of his clothes and put on the sacred temple shield as instructed. He’d worn this protective garment a [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 12

Elder Dalton   THE INTERVIEW

Elder Dalton walked into the temple hastily and nervously, fidgeting with his tie clip to get it to stay straight. He’d been [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 13

Elder Dalton   THE CALLING

Bishop Hart was beyond delighted with Elder Dalton. The young boy wasn’t just innocent and virginal, but seemingly [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 14

Elder Dalton   The Covenant

Elder Dalton crawled on his hands and knees behind Bishop Hart. The handsome older man had placed him in just [More]

Bishop Hart CHAPTER 15

Elder Dalton   Ordination

Elder Dalton sat on the edge of the white altar bed, more aware of his fidgety knee than usual. His nerves were getting the [More]