The Brotherhood of the Sun is famously represented by the temple sunstones and known for inducting skeptics into the order, and Bishop Angus happens to be one of their sexiest, most valued members.

Over and over, he successfully inducts young missionaries into the order and turns them into devout members. For many, it's the first time they've been fucked but it certainly isn't a foreign idea to them. Due to his burly stature and thick cock, the virgin boys often surrender into blissful submission and relish every single thrust the older Bishop anoints unto them.

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 1

Elder Allen   INSPECTION

Last Sunday, bright and early, Elder Allen was thoroughly inspected by Bishop Angus! [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 2

Elder Martinez   INSPECTION

Several weeks ago when Elder Martinez met with Patriarch Smith [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 3

Elder Nelson   INSPECTION

Before Elder Nelson could go on his Mission he had to repent of [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 4


During our last leadership fireside, Bishop Angus reviewed the Priesthood lineage charts [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 5

Elder Allen   ORDINATION

Proving yourself worthy to become a member of the higher Priesthood is a long and tedious [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 7

Elder Nelson   ORDINATION

Bishop Angus was all too excited to ordain the young Missionary Elder Nelson [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 8


Doesn’t it say somewhere in the scriptures that a person must always have [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 9

Elder Harward   ORDINATION

Elder Harward is ordained to the higher priesthood by the strong and handsome Bishop Angus! [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 10

Elder Borski   INSPECTION

When Elder Borski arrived at the mission home, Bishop Angus and [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 11


Bishop Angus conducted a pre-mission interview this week, with his nephew [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 12


The boyish and good looking Elder Hardt knew it was only a matter of time before [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 13


Elder Hardt's inspection was everything he'd hoped it'd be, and [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 14

Elder Angusson   ORDINATION

Elder Angusson is ordained to the higher priesthood by Bishop Angus [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 15


Every Preparation Day, Elder Hardt checks his email for [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 16

Elders Gonzalez, Hardt, & Harward   PREPARED TO BE TAUGHT

Just when they thought they were in the clear, Elder Hardt and Elder Harward were interrupted by the brethren [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 17

Elder Kensington   EVALUATION

As part of his evaluation, Elder Kensington's balls were shaved. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 18

Elder Kensington   INSPECTION

Naked except for a necktie, his balls freshly shaved, Elder Kensington lies on his back on Bishop Angus' desk [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 19

Elders Gonzalez, Hardt, & Harward   SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS

Elders Gonzalez, Hardt and Harward have been invited to join the School of the Prophets. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 20

Elder Miller   EVALUATION

Elder Miller has been called in to Bishop Angus' office for an evaluation. He’s very anxious [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 21

Elder Harward   SETTING APART

Elder Harward’s mission is over, and Bishop Angus has arranged for a very sexy send off. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 22

Elder Miller   INSPECTION

Having been thoroughly evaluated, Elder Miller lies on the bishop’s desk, naked, [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 24

Elder Jordan & Bishop Angus   INSPECTION

Elder Jordan has been a hard nut to crack. He was assigned [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 25

Elder Riley & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION

On a special trip to the temple, Elder Riley has his tight [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 26

Elder Buckley & Elder Riley   SETTING APART

While a missionary's primary task is to convert other people, many elders find that in the process [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 27

Elder Buckley & Bishop Angus   BISHOP'S INTERVIEW

Bishop Angus has asked for a private meeting with Elder Buckley. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 28

Elder Riley & Bishop Angus   INSPECTION

Bishop Angus inspects every inch of cute little Elder Riley. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 30

Elders Foster, Miller, & Bishop Angus   INDUCTION PART 1

Elder Miller has seen Elder Foster naked, tasted his leaky cock, and [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 31

Elders Foster, Miller, & Bishop Angus   INDUCTION PART 2

Standing between Bishop Angus and another missionary, Elder Foster is pinned. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 32

Elders Berry, Titov, & Bishop Angus   EXIT INTERVIEW

Elder Titov’s long ordeal is coming to an end. He was invited to join The Order [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 33

Elder Berry & Bishop Angus   ORDINATION

Dressed all in white, Bishop Angus waits in the temple for Elder Berry [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 34

Elder Peterson & Bishop Angus   INSPECTION

The more Elder Peterson learns about the secret ring of gay priests [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 35

Elder Peterson & Bishop Angus   INSPECTED

Many of missionaryism’s secret rituals can seem strange and titillating to outsiders. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 36

Elder Stewart   INSPECTION

The Brethren of The Order are proud of Elder Stewart. They’ve been monitoring [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 37

Elder Stewart   INSPECTION

What makes a missionary boy stand out among his fellow missionaries? [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 38

Elder Peterson   ORDINATION

Ever since he was a little boy, Elder Peterson dreamed of going to the temple [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 39

Elder Stewart   ORDINATION

Over the course of his service as a full-time missionary missionary, Elder Stewart [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 40

Elder Stewart   ORDINATION

The innocent-looking, but insatiable, missionary boy knows what he’s in for [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 41

Elder Foster   INSPECTION

The best part of being a priesthood leader is, without a doubt, the contact with [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 42

Elder Foster   INSPECTION

Nothing gives Bishop Angus more satisfaction than helping young missionaries [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 43

Elder Isaacs & Elder Larsen   COMPANIONSHIP TRANSFERS

Elder Isaacs is a good-natured missionary jock who has only [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 44


When Bishop Angus arrives to help Elder Larsen take one step closer to manhood [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 45

Elder Lindsay   INSPECTION

“Enter and be seated,” Bishop Angus says flatly, wearing a mischievous smile [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 46

Elder Ricci   INSPECTION

missionary missionary boys are in their sexual prime — most are only 18 years old! [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 47

Elder Sorensen   INSPECTION

Elder Sorensen is one of the hottest young men The Order has ever [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 48

Elder Larsen   ORDINATION

Elder Larsen can't believe his luck when he thinks about The Order choosing him [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 49

Elder Sorensen   INDUCTION

Elder Sorensen spent his whole childhood looking forward to his mission. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 50


Elder White's trip to the temple has turned into an extended sexual adventure [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 51

Elder White   The New Name

As Elder White slowly came down from an intense orgasm, with [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 52

Elder Foster   INITIATION

The men who make up the secretive missionary priesthood body, known as The Order, [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 53

Elder Sorensen   INITIATION

Elder Sorensen’s firm, round ass is bright red from being spanked. And his tight hole aches [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 54

Elder Sorensen   WASHING & ANOINTING

Cute Elder Sorensen has pounded some of the hottest guys in the mission [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 55

Elder Ricci   ORDINATION

Elder Ricci's ass is still smarting from the spanking Patriarch Smith gave him [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 56


Today is Elder Ricci’s Ordination, the final step in the initiation process, and his tight hole can barely handle  [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 57

Elder Foster   ORDINATION

Elder Foster is certainly no stranger to Bishop Angus’ massive cock. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 58

Elder Foster   THE SACRAMENT

Elder Foster is one step away from being able to join The Order and having [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 59

Elder Lindsay   ORDINATION

Elder Lindsay's setting apart was a part of the initiation process he wasn’t sure he could handle, but the brethren he serviced [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 60

Elder Lindsay   THE SACREMENT

Elder Lindsay pants as sweat runs down his back and between his ass cheeks. He can’t tell whether the moisture is [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 61


Elder Esplin had heard of the Second Anointing ritual before. It was frequently the subject of late night conversations [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 62

Elder Farnsworth   SECOND ANOINTING

Blond hair, piercing blue eyes, smooth, milky white skin and deliciously pink lips. Elder Farnsworth is a picture perfect [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 63

Elder Esplin   ORDINATION

Elder Esplin could hardly contain his excitement to meet with Bishop Angus. Their last encounter was early on [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 64

Elder Foster & Elder Miller   CALLING AND ELECTION

Elder Miller and Elder Foster made their way to the temple. They had been told to meet with Bishop Angus [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 65

Elder Esplin & Elder Farnsworth   CORONATION

While many boys have been chosen and inducted into the Order, few are given the chance to hold a significant position. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 66

Elder Kimball   THE CALLING

Elder Kimball was confused. As he walked in to meet with Bishop Angus, his palms began to sweat and his heart was  [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 67

Elder Nicola   ATONEMENT

Elder Nicola stood attentive. He wanted more than anything to prove himself. Bishop Angus and Brother Hales moved [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 68


Elder Foster looked at himself in the mirror as he knotted his tie. He examined his shirt one last time and made sure [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 69


Elder Ivy’s hole was still tender when he entered the temple again. President Oaks had fucked him good and deep. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 70

Elder Kimball   ATONEMENT

Elder Kimball made his way into the temple basement, led by the strong but silent Brother Hales. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 71


Elder Xanders was still catching his breath after he got back to his apartment. With each breath as he lay in bed [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 72

Elder Kimball   ORDINATION

Elder Kimball made his way to the Temple, trying too hard to keep his erection tight in his garments. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 73

Elder Holland   THE SACRAMENT

Every time Elder Holland encountered Bishop Angus, he found himself completely in awe of the man’s powerful physical [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 74

Elder Garrett & Elder Xanders   PROBATION

Elder Xanders woke up and got undressed. He made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He felt the water [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 75


President Oaks met with Elder Holland regularly during his mission. He spoke with Elder Holland at length [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 76

Elder Sorensen   ORDINATION

Elder Sorenson was no stranger to getting to fucked by the Brethren. He’d risen to a level of greet esteem among [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 77

Elder Xanders   THE COVENANT

Elder Xanders could still taste the cum in his mouth. It had a strong, potent flavor that lingered on his tongue [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 78

Elder Garrett   INITIATION

Despite wearing the temple shield, Elder Garrett still felt exposed. The shield should help a boy feel more modest [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 79

Elder Garrett   SETTING APART

Elder Garrett wasn’t quite sure how to proceed with his mission. He was terribly conflicted between what he thought [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 80

Elder Sorensen   SETTING APART

Elder Sorenson sat patiently in a dark room in the temple. He knew he was expected to meet with President Oaks, but he [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 81

Elder Garrett   ATONEMENT

Elder Garrett made his way into a dark room in the temple, moving cautiously as his eyes adjusted to the dark. [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 82

Elder Gardner   THE CALLING

Bishop Angus watched as the Elder Gardner came into his office. It was part of the boys’ regular routine to meet [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 83

Elder Gardner   THE COVENANT

The knock on the door was louder than he expected. Elder Gardner had been told to undress completely, shedding even [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 84

Elder Gardner   The Atonement

When Elder Gardner was called back to the temple, he was full of excited anticipation. He knew he was once again going [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 85

Elder Gardner   ORDINATION

Elder Gardner was focused as he tied his tie. He tried calming himself in the mirror but couldn’t stop [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 86

Elder Gardner   THE NEW NAME

Most boys feel an intense feeling of honor and fulfillment once they’ve been initiated into the Order. The Brethren see it plainly [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 87

Elder Lund   THE CALLING

Elder Lund walked away from a meeting at the temple with President Ballard in shock. How had he come [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 88

Elder Lund   ATONEMENT

Initiates are instructed to never divulge the secrets of the temple. They must never talk about the Order outside the temple [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 89


Elder Lund headed toward the private meeting room. He knew he was going to see Bishop Angus again, and he was [More]