The central tenet of the Order is obedience and submission to the Higher Priesthood, whenever and however they may require.

Elder Sorensen is not unfamiliar with this principle, having worked so hard for so long to not only follow it for himself, but to brings others to appreciate it as well.

From time to time, an older priest may require the service and company of one of the younger boys. And it is the missionary’s duty to be of such service without hesitation. And being that Sorensen is by far one of the most beautiful and capable boys in the Order’s stable, he’s often called upon to serve.

President Olsen enjoys trying out the new recruits as they come in, but when he’s looking to be completely and expertly satisfied, he knows that there’s no substitute for experience and training. And besides, no one knows how to suck a big cock quite like Sorenson.

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President Olsen told the boy to meet him in a private room in the temple, far from the other missionaries and priesthood holders. In that room, standing tall and open, Elder Sorensen’s body was an object of desire for Olsen to run his hands over.

Olsen was much taller and broader than his guest and loved feeling the dominance of his physicality. Without saying or doing anything, he overpowered him. And that alone was enough to bring his cock to full erection.

But he wanted to enjoy this gift thoroughly. He knew he had Sorenson’s full obedience and attention and was not going to rush. Instead, he slowly watched the boy’s reaction as he felt up his narrow, youthful body, feeling his heart race under his clothes with every different placement of his manly hands.

Sorensen was experienced, yes, but he knew the presence of true power and authority, and every time it felt new and thrilling to be in that presence.

President Olsen stripped the boy down, watching his familiar smooth body open up to him. Sorenson was completely docile, showing no signs of delay or concern. It was as if he knew his body did not belong to him, but rather, in this moment, to President Olsen.

Olsen laid the boy onto the bed, pulling off his pants and shirt, peeling away his garments and fondling his genitals as the boy watched on passively. Olsen couldn’t help but be almost giddy with his power, seeing the look of submission in his young boy’s eyes. He worshiped him. Truly.

Fully swollen on his own power, Olsen had to pull out his cock if only to relieve the pain of it pressing against his dress paints. Sorensen saw the man’s hands reach for his belt buckle and quickly rose to stop him. He was trained well to know that it was the boy’s job to remove his superior’s clothing. And as such, Sorenson obediently and dutifully assisted his master in disrobing.

Just as soon as the older man’s pants fell down, Sorensen pulled down his white garments and was reunited with Olsen’s huge, veiny cock. It was always a shock to the boy just how long it was and how far from his hips it stood out.

Sorenson took it into his mouth and worked it hard, trying to get it wetter and stiffer with his tongue. He knew he was there to satisfy and was not going to disappoint. Besides, he’d been craving the man’s superior load for ages and was eager to get it inside him one way or another.

President Olsen stood tall and strong, feeling like a god having his servant boy worship his manhood. His smooth fingers tugged gently on his large, pendulous balls, turning him on all the more.

He knew, too, that everytime Sorenson’s mouth moved down the shaft, the boy inhaled the musk of his manly pubic hair, reminding him of the scent of a true alpha. And as a result, the boy’s mouth seemed to only get wetter.

That cycle of obsession, taking Olsen into his body, feeding his own desire to please him, turning him on, and making him want to take more was a powerful force that built up in Sorenson. And as such, inspired President Olsen’s loins to churn.

Feeling his balls work toward ejaculation, Olsen moved the boy onto the bed and put him on all fours with his legs spread. Even lifted up onto the mattress, his cock pointed directly at the boy’s ass due to his impressive height. He stroked himself with one hand, feeling the boy’s saliva lubricate him from head to hips, while the other ran a finger up and down the boy’s smooth hole.

His skin was like a soft velvet, smooth to the touch with the slightest indication of microfibers. Were it not for this, he could have actually been mistaken for being a pristine porcelain figure. His cheeks spread apart of their own accord, revealing his tiny hole. Just the sight of it caused the older man’s cock to leak a little precum out, giving him more fluid with with to penetrate.

President Olsen wished he could hold back, but his baser, animal nature took over and demanded satisfaction. He pressed the tip of his cock up to the boy’s taught hole and marvelled as it beautifully split to take him. Slowly, inch by inch, he watched as his might cock disappeared into the narrow body of his catamite, feeling the heat of his body envelop him…

Published : 01/31/18


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