The Sacrament

Elder Ormonde stood immobilized, feeling President Olsen’s hand squeeze his neck firmly. He could breath fine, but the tallerman’s grip held him in place, keeping him from moving. He felt as his breath expanded his windpipe, slightly feeling the older man’s fingers hold tighter. He breathed heavily from the intense feeling, all the while getting fondled by Olsen’s free hand.

The masked president possessed him like he was a toy–and object for him to own and use as he saw fit. He maneuvered his hand inside the boy’s pants, feeling around beneath his belt and garments to Elder Ormonde’s growing erection. He liked hold him in place, keeping him still like prey in a trap.

All this of course was for show: Elder Ordmonde wouldn’t have stopped it or run for anything. Having been ordained into the Order, he knows his place well and what’s expected of him when he’s entertaining the higher ups of the Brethren. Complete obedience and an open heart.
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He wanted him. And he wanted to be wanted by him. All this made the aggressive assault on his body a dream come true… one he hoped would recur again and again.

President Olsen loosened his grip slightly, giving him some slack as he began to remove the boy’s pants. He fiddled with the buckle like a locksmith, carefully pulling at the leather and metal to get it to yield to him. The boy’s pants fell down, revealing his erection through his sheer garments.

It stood up like a circus tent, demanding the older man’s attention. Olsen put his gripping hand down on the boy’s buttocks while stroking his cock inside his underwear. Elder Ormonde stood still, as if the hand were still cradling his skull, moaning and panting at how hot this experience was.

President Olsen pulled down the boy’s garments, leaving him standing in the dark, quiet temple room completely naked. His narrow body seemed especially small compared to his own. Olsen stood several inches over him, giving him an even more exaggerated sense of power of him. And he liked it.

The older man moved the boy up onto a table standing beside them. It was covered in red leather and glistened in the candle light of the room. Its shiny surface practically reflected back Elder Ormonde’s excited face, colored with passion and fire. Getting up on all fours, Ormonde felt the smooth skin of the table mold under his weight, helping him to keep himself in place as he prepared himself for President Olsen’s enjoyment.

Ormonde arched his back to give his ass the proper presentation, a protocol he’d learned well on his way to becoming an ordained priest. He felt his ass cheeks spread apart slightly, giving his hole room to be seen by his superior.

President Olsen was quick to spot such a beautiful display, moving his hands to the boy’s hanging genitals to caress them. He loved seeing a boy in this position, open and vulnerable to his to desires. His fingers traced the silky smooth surface of his scrotum, feeling the weight and warmth of is contents. He knew Ormonde was desperate to cum, but he’d have to get done with him first…

Published : 06/22/18

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