Elder Ivy’s hole was still tender when he entered the temple again. President Oaks had fucked him good and deep. With every step he took, the slight ache reminded Ivy of the amazing experience of entering into the covenant–which only excited him for what was to come.

He’d been called to meet with Bishop Angus, the strong, muscular, leader that had the gaze of all the other boys. Bishop Angus has a powerful, commanding presence as well as a teddy bear smile. Gay or straight, the young boys either wanted to be him or be under him.

Elder Ivy had fantasized many times about what the older man was like. In fact, the moment he stepped into the white temple room, all sensation seemed to move from his tender hole to his swelling cock.

Bishop Angus stood tall, hands folded casually in front, dressed in a pristine, white suit. His face smiled as Ivy made his way closer.

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Angus could sense the boy’s excitement and immediately told him to sit on the temple’s ordination bed next to him and make himself comfortable.

Elder Ivy was grateful he could conceal his erection by taking a seat, but all the while he kept his eyes locked on the scruffy leader.

Bishop Angus stepped closer to Ivy and lifted a hand to the back of the boy’s neck. He gently trailed along the back of his head and the nape of his neck, sending out cool shots of electricity down his spine.

“Elder Ivy,” Angus spoke, “today is your ordination. Do you know what that means?”

Ivy cracked a mischievous smile and replied, “Yes.”

The older man returned a similar smile just before he leaned in to give him a deep, sensual kiss. Ivy could taste the man’s tongue as it invaded his mouth, as if it were laying claim to him from the inside.

In a passionate act of aggression, Angus pulled Ivy up to his feet by the buckle of his belt. Bishop Angus pawed at the boy’s body and pulled at his tie, bringing him closer in as the two kissed. As he continued to pull, the tie began to loosen, prompting him to remove the boy’s clothes. Ivy grabbed at the man’s large, muscular arms and Angus unbuttoned his shirt and tie, stripping him down to this garments.

The bishop paused to take in the highly exciting sight of the boy’s body in his white, missionary underwear before continuing to tear off his pants as well. There, underneath the matching white shorts, stood erect the rock hard member that Ivy had been concealing.

Angus fell to his knees and began to suck on the boy’s swollen knob, just able to taste it through the white cloth. Once he’d had a sample of what the boy had to offer, he stood back up to wrap his big arms around him and kiss him. Ivy stood strong to withstand the ferocious sexuality of the sexy man, feeling as though Angus were sucking the air from his lungs with each forceful kiss.

Angus ran his mouth down the boy’s torso, removing his shirt to gain access to his tight, toned torso. His hands grabbed at Ivy’s ass well, taking him fully in the palms of his hands. There was an intensity to his handling of the young boy that made Ivy even more excited. He knew he wasn’t just going to be tasted… he would be devoured.

The bishop’s passions escalated. His primal, carnal, animal desires were being restrained by the civility of his suit. He needed to be set loose. He sat Ivy down on the daybed while he began to disrobe. He was stalled periodically as Ivy lapped and licked at the bearded daddy’s prominent bulge.

With each layer that he removed, Angus treated Elder Ivy to the sight of his hyper masculine physique, making the boy all the hungrier for his cock. As soon as the bishop was down to his garments, he pulled his dick out through the slit in the front and forced Ivy’s wet, eager mouth down on it.

Ivy opened his mouth wide to take the man deep. He salivated over the thick member as his head bobbed up and down under the strong hands of his superior. Angus’ meaty, hairy hands had him in full control, and Ivy loved every second of it.

Seeing this boy so eager and horny sent Angus into his own fit of hunger. Like a wild animal, he pushed the boy back onto the daybed and turned him over to pull down his shorts. Fully naked, Ivy’s ass and inviting hole were on full display before the bishop. He could not resist. He planted his face between the young boy’s cheeks and feasted on his hole.

The scruff of Angus’ face rubbed against his tender hole and Ivy shot out a loud moan. It was the first Ivy had considered his sensitive ass since he walked in. He was completely enamored with Bishop Angus and solely focused on giving him what he wanted.

Angus turned the boy around and lied back, pulling him on top of him to kiss him. With a carefully placed hand, he gently rubbed a finger along the perimeter of Ivy’s hole, caressing it and lulling it into a state of complete calm. The beefy leader had every intention of fucking him hard–and he wanted the boy ready.

As he could feel the boy’s kissing moans turn from that of timid hesitation to that of desperate yearning, he pulled himself back and lifted Ivy back to his feet. They shared a sweet, intimate kiss as Angus slowly massaged his thick, hard cock.

With Ivy right where he wanted him, Angus sat down on the day bed, leaning against its cushioned back and bringing his ass right to the edge. His cock stood straight up as he looked to Ivy with a nod. The young man knew his time had come and he needed to take a seat on the man’s fat cock.

Ivy positioned himself on top of him, straddling Angus’ meaty legs and placing his ass right above his member. Carefully and with Angus’ guidance, he came down and felt the man’s cock pry its way inside. His hole burned and pained once more, still not fully rested from the pounding from before. But he didn’t care.

He let himself go and opened his ass to take every inch the bishop gave him. He was determined to give him his ass completely, knowing that in the end his reward would be a hot, soothing load to salve his hole…

Published : 04/30/17


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