Elder Holland is deep in his induction process into The Order and it’s become impossible to ignore the effect the Brethren’s attentions have on him.

It was only a few months ago that the confident blond firmly believed that he only liked girls.

Even when he began fooling around with his mission companion, the young, soft spoken Elder Oaks, he thought it was because there were no women around to get his rocks off with.

But, ever since President Oaks began to instruct the boy in the ways to properly pleasure the men of the higher priesthood, something started to change.

Most recently, Elder Holland was brought into the Temple for his sacred initiatories to be washed and anointed in the True Order.

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The initiatory ordinances he went through before his mission were highly erotic, but those were a precursor to the sacred ordinances performed by President Oaks.

After anointing his body, he watched as the father of his mission companion, the very sexy President Oaks, knelt before him and took his cock in his mouth.

The experience is one he will never forget.

And though that was only a brief part of their session, it thrilled Elder Holland to see such an intimidating man derive so much pleasure from his body. Holland had a brief flash of understanding the heady rush the Brethren must feel when they fuck young boys.

It was soon after that President Oaks moved Elder Holland onto the floor, pushing the small of his back so that he was face down and ass up.

With a firm grip President Oaks wrapped his massive hands around Elder Holland’s slender hips. As he slid his pulsing, wet dick into Holland’s ass, the silver fox groaned with pleasure.

Again Elder Holland found himself wondering, is this the kind of authority he could expect to have over other boy’s bodies were he to become a senior leader in The Order?

After getting pounded by the President for a few minutes, the boy felt his balls tighten and even if he hadn’t touched himself, though he couldn’t resist, his cum began shooting out of his dick and onto his chest.

Holland’s ass had felt empty for a few days, desperate to be filled, when he finally received notice that President Nelson would like to see him.

He was to report to the temple immediately for his second anointing.

On the morning of the sacred ordinance, Elder Holland’s palms are sweaty and his heart is racing as he enters the Temple.

He hasn’t seen President Nelson since his disciplinary action when he was caught screwing Elder Oaks.

Not knowing what is involved in the Second Anointing, he wonders if the gruff man will spank him again, or do something even more painful. The thought causes his face to flush and causes his dick to swell against the crotch of his suit pants.

Upon arrival, Elder Holland is instructed to strip down to his sacred underwear and two men lead him to a room filled with sumptuous white light.

President Nelson is there, smiling slyly. “You been working out?”

Caught off guard, but flattered, the boy answers. “Yes, I suppose.”

“Let’s see what kind of progress you’ve made,” Nelson answers gruffly.

When Elder Holland is fully nude, President Nelson nods at him appreciatively. He begins to run his hands along Holland’s muscles as he flexes.

Holland likes the attention, and he has to admit, Nelson’s chiseled figure is the most impressive he’s seen on any man or boy.

Nelson challenges the boy to arm wrestling contest and Holland’s mouth begins to water as Nelson unbuttons his shirt to reveal his rippling, tan abs. Holland puts up a fight, pushing and sweating, but Nelson’s massive arm eventually overpowers his.

“Let’s get serious,” Nelson grins and orders the boy onto the table.

Nelson has barely begun his long rub down of Holland’s muscular lower body, giving special attention to the boy’s scrotum and shaft, when the boy’s cock rises to full mast.

Nelson laughs softly. “Everything about your body is hard, isn’t it, Elder?”

The young Elder Holland lets out a moan as the President wraps his fingers around the boy’s shaft.

After a few teasing strokes, President Nelson orders Holland onto all fours and again begins to run his hands down the boy’s body, lingering at his taut ass.

Holland feels like he is being inspected, like he is an animal, but this only causes him to become even more turned on.

The boy’s dick begins to leak precum onto the white sheets between his knees. He’ll do anything to be found worthy.

Published : 10/19/16


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