Elder Foster couldn’t sleep. He’d been having trouble the past few nights, staying up until the early hours, unable to quiet his mind. He knew what it was: he missed his mission.

When he was a missionary, he had more fun and excitement than he ever imagined possible. And not only did he feel completely at home with his fellow missionaries, he loved the attention he got from his priesthood leaders.

As he stayed up, he recalled another night he had trouble sleeping and the way he managed to settle himself–or rather, how President Olsen managed to put him at ease…

It was a missionary retreat, not uncommon for his area. The priesthood loved spending time getting to bond with the young boys under their care, seeing how they interact with each other, but also being close enough to have their own private time with them as well.

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President Olsen, in particular, loved attending these weekends. He’d always keep his eye out for potential new recruits, but knew that part of his authority meant that he could summon any of the young inductees or initiates of the Order into his room at any time.

This one night in particular, Elder Foster had trouble sleeping, not feeling ready yet to take off his clothes and settle into bed. Instead, he decided to walk around the big estate they were staying at, curious to see what it had hidden inside.

As he moved around the halls, he passed many bedrooms, almost all of which were closed and silent. People had been asleep for a little while now, but he was still up and about.

Soon he passed by one room that seemed to still be active. The door was open and the light was on. He tried to move past it stealthily, not wanting to draw anyone’s attention. However, the creaky boards in the floor sounded his presence to the room’s occupant.

“Hello? Someone up?”

“It’s me, Elder Foster,” the boy replied, a slightly defeated tone in his voice, knowing that he would be sent to bed right away, possibly even disciplined later for being up so late.

“Come in.”

Elder Folder went into the room and saw President Olsen lying in bed, his tall frame spread out from top to bottom, wearing nothing but his garments. The boy’s eyes went immediately to his crotch, where the older man’s genitals were covered by a sheer layer of fabric, that tempted the boy to imagine the massive cock just through the opening of the garment bottoms.

Were Elder Foster new to the Order, he might have been unwilling to consider the possibility of sex. But he knew this was a good sign. The boy’s hole had been tasted by many of his leaders, but never once President Olsen. Instantly, he felt himself get hot under the collar, knowing that whatever happens next would be another thrilling adventure.

“Still up?”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“Ah, I see…” President Olsen trailed off, his hand casually brushing his genitals while looking at the neatly dressed Elder Foster. His gestured seemed to almost be challenging, testing him to see if he would express any discomfort or confusion at the sight. But Foster just keep looking back at him, unflinching, undisturbed.

“Have you cum yet today?” Olsen asked.


“Why not?”

Elder Foster really didn’t know how to answer. A part of him wondered if this was a trap. missionarys aren’t supposed to masturbate. But they’re also not supposed to lust after their handsome male priesthood leaders and hope the man will touch himself and the boy more deliberately either.

“I–I don’t know.”

“Is your dick not cooperating?” Olsen asked with a bit of a playful smile. It was enough to make Foster laugh in response. The joke eased some tension, but made way for more. Speaking so candidly about his genitals was still somewhat strange for Foster, but he was no stranger to erotic desire.

“I think we can do something about that,” Olsen replied, looking Foster directly in the eye. “Why don’t we start by you taking your clothes off.”

Elder Foster did as he was told, hypnotized by Olsen’s power and magnetism. Even without his extensive Order discipline, he would have been hard pressed to deny a request the older man gave him.

He stripped down to his garments, placing his clothes neatly to the side, following the protocol of the Order.

“Come here,” Olsen said softly, still playing with his genitals as he watched.

Elder Foster made his way onto the bed, climbing up on the high mattress to meet Olsen’s body. He moved himself up to straddle the older man’s legs, placing himself just short of sitting on his cock.

“Take off your garment bottoms,” Olsen continued, looking up at the handsome boy kneeling before him. As Foster stripped off his shirt, his hands moved up the boy’s athletic torso.

He had a perfect, boyish face with the beginnings of a masculine, manly body. His chest was forming nicely, his stomach was flat and firm, and his nipples were fully perked up. Olsen ran his fingers over them, exciting them even more, occasionally taking the chance to squeeze them slightly.

He could see the boy was sensitive there, experiencing both the pain of the pinch as well as the pleasure that followed.

Olsen’s hands moved further down, leaving the smooth landscape of the boy’s chest and stomach down to the sheer cloth of his garment shorts. He could feel the boy’s erection beneath, poking out like a tent pole. Carefully and slowly, he brought the tip of the boy’s penis to the hole on his shorts, letting it poke through and be seen.

“It seems to be cooperating now,” Olsen joked, stroking it in his hand as he looked up at Foster. The boy blushed a little, but he was too aroused to be shy. He loved feeling the man’s hand wrap around his shaft, sliding over his delicate head slowly and repeatedly.

Olsen pulled out his own cock, holding it up to the Foster’s. It was substantially bigger and longer. It was a true man’s cock and not just a boy’s. He knew this and it made him even more excited. He knew he place and authority, but loved seeing the physical reminder of his superiority as well.

“Take your garment bottoms off,” Olsen whispered, feeling little bits of precum linger on his cock head as he stroked himself. He’d been in his bed for a while before Foster arrived and was feeling the familiar urge to penetrate.

As the boy removed his short, Olsen pulled out a small vial of oil from his nightstand. A couple drops fell onto his shaft as he tipped it upside down, coating his large, massive cock in a slick, glistening cover.

With a little oil left on his hand, he pushed his between Foster’s legs, feeling around for his warm, tight hole. It wasn’t hard to get to, especially when the horny boy lifted his legs up slightly to give the older man better access.

This boy needs it, Olsen thought to himself, feeling the tips of his fingers slider over his smooth boyhole. It even seemed to relax more to his touch, as if he had the secret password to unlock his tight backdoor.

Pressing his cock up, President Olsen pushed his member up against the boy’s hole, feeling its slick, readied surface slide over his cock head, becoming wet with oil and precum. With a soft and gentle push, he managed to pierce his way past the boy’s tight hole, finding his way inside, moving inch by inch deeper and deeper.

Elder Foster bit his lip, trying to enjoy the feeling of this man opening him up and fucking him raw, all the while remembering: it’s late at night, they’re supposed to be asleep, and he didn’t close the door. He moved his body up and down, trying hard to stay quiet as his engorged prostate rattled inside…

Published : 02/14/18


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