Elder Foster looked at himself in the mirror as he knotted his tie. He examined his shirt one last time and made sure everything about his appearance was spotless. He knew he would think about this moment for the rest of his life, and wanted to make sure everything was as it should be. The day had come for him to leave his mission.

It was bittersweet, to say the least. He’d gone through an unimaginable transformation and was about to set off out into the real world. It was hard to believe he was once that same green boy from the MTC, now more experienced by his time with the Order.

As he packed his bags to begin his departure, he knew he couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to his most influential leader: Bishop Angus.

Angus had helped to shape Foster’s understanding of sex and obedience.

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In truth, Bishop Angus had a power over the young missionary more than any other in the Order’s ranks. His broad chest, scruffy face, and animalistic fucking filled Foster with an excitement that he would miss dearly. It wouldn’t be right to have a not final send-off.

As he entered Angus’ office, Foster smiled as he remembered his initial induction with the older man and his companion, Elder Miller. Angus, too, could not hold back a smile at the sight of the boy, filled with pride by all that Foster had accomplished. Bishop Angus had seen many boys through their mission, but Foster was truly special.

“Elder Foster,” Angus spoke as he put away his reading, “today is your last day in the mission home. I’m told you wanted to see me one last time.”

“Yes, I did,” the boy replied, standing attentively and obediently.

“Perfect. Let’s get your clothes off.” Angus was sentimental, but he was happy to have the chance to reap the benefits of the Order’s hard work. As much as he was sad to see the young man leave, he knew that he’d taught Foster all he could in the ways of discipline, obedience, and service. Besides, he wanted to feel his cock in him one more time.

Bishop Angus stood up from his desk and leaned in to kiss the young man. Elder Foster stood firm and returned the kiss with passion and excitement. The two quickly undressed each other as their mouths met again and again.

Foster’s heart raced as they stripped down to their garments, fumbled with each other’s belt buckles, and maintained body contact throughout. Angus had not only been a mentor, but he was practically father figure as well. His love for him was not only that of a student, but close to that of a son.

As they undressed, Angus lifted the young man up onto his desk, sitting him on the corner so his legs spread around him. His hands travelled over his smooth, athletic frame, surveying his body with a powerful desire. As his hands found their way to the boy’s butt, he leaned him back on the desk so that the bulge in his garments could no longer hide.

Bishop Angus pulled the boy’s garments down on his hips, bringing his cock out and grabbing it in his meaty hand. Foster let out a quiet moan, as if his lungs were being squeezed as well. Elder Foster instinctively brought his hands to his nipples and teased them as he watched Bishop Angus take his hard cock into his mouth.

The older man worked the boy’s erection while he laid flat on his desk. He made sure to fully appreciate the feel and taste of Foster’s cock, knowing he may not taste it again. With each twist of his hand and bob of his head, he gave the boy a pleasure he would not soon forget.

As he looked up, he could see the slightly raised brow of the young boy, experiencing the skills of older man. Elder Foster was in a state of ecstasy that Bishop Angus could only provide. Still, Angus could not help but feel a paternal bond with the young man, and he felt compelled to rise up from his cock to give him a passionate kiss.

With the young man, thoroughly aroused, Angus stood him up off the desk and pulled his garment bottoms down. He bent the boy over and spread his perfectly smooth, milky cheeks apart. Seeing the beautiful, pink hole in their center, Angus planted his face deep in his ass and began to kiss it as passionately as he’d kiss his mouth.

Foster arched his back and moaned more. There was nothing nearly as sweet as the feeling of his daddy bear licking him from behind. He felt his body flush with pleasure and he knew it wouldn’t be long until his fat cock split him apart.

Bishop Angus stood up and began to undress Foster completely, removing his remaining garments until he was naked before him. His eyes trailed down the boy’s smooth body. He knew that at least for this moment this boy was his–and he wanted to show him all the love and desire he had.

Angus bent Foster over the edge of the desk once more. He pulled out some of the consecrated oil from his bureau and pumped some out onto his hands. He rubbed his palms together, heating the oil up in his hands. As a result, when he ran his hands over the boy’s hole, Foster’s knees went weak from the warm sensation and he had to cling so he wouldn’t fall over.

Even with all his authority, Bishop Angus was incredibly grateful to have this boy in front of him. He stroked his thick, hard cock and looked down at the arched back of his young protege. All the pride of a mentor and teacher filled his heart and his cock stiffened to its peak. Then, the bearded bishop leaned his body forward and pushed his cock deep into the eager hole of Elder Foster.

Elder Foster grabbed his cock and began to stroke himself as he felt the handsome man enter his body, filling his ass with his massive manhood. He was nervous about what the future had in store for him, but for that moment, he was solely focused on the bishop, his cock, and the hot load he was about to receive…

Published : 04/26/17

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