Bishop Hart was beyond delighted with Elder Dalton. The young boy wasn’t just innocent and virginal, but seeminglycompletely ignorant to all things related to sex.

Everything he did to him was received with a beautiful stunned look that could only come from someone who had no concept of arousal or stimulation. When Dalton blew his load over his toned, boyish stomach, he seemed shocked both by the spew of cum that erupted from his cock as well as the intense, unbelievable pleasure he got from it.

The Brethren rarely had such a pure specimen in their midst–even virgin teenagers fantasized from time to time. But Dalton was special and had to be handled accordingly.

When asked about his sexual encounter, the boy still insisted that he was not sexually attracted to men. And that may well have been truthful. Having never considered the possibility, sex with another male would be an alien concept, and something he had been told was forbidden. 

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This was received with a great deal of amusement by Bishop Hart who distinctly remembered how intensely the boy’s heart beat could be felt by holding onto his swollen member.

Still, despite being stripped, stroked, and made to spill his seed, Elder Dalton was still very much resistant to his sexuality. Before he could be of any service to the Order, he had to receiving his calling and be sexually awoken…

Elder Dalton been told of the Order and their plans for him… somewhat. It seemed strange and confusing, but he also knew he wasn’t in a position to say no. He’d been tainted and shamed by what he’d done and could only hope for forgiveness. And even though Hart told him it was okay, still, he felt deep down it was wrong.

Elder Dalton sat in Bishop Hart’s office, looking down at his shoes as the handsome man watched him from behind his desk. It had only been days since he ejaculated in front of him, but his mind had been working overtime to keep those thoughts away.

“Elder, do you know why you’re here?” Bishop Hart asked, pointing his eyes at the young boy intensely.

“Yes,” Dalton responded, still looking anywhere by at Hart’s handsome, chiseled face. He knew if he looked back at him, he’d fall back into his sinful thoughts.


Standing up, Elder Dalton removed his clothes, performing his task as clinical as possible. He tried to think of it like visiting the doctor. Routine, nothing untoward. He kept his eyes averted from Hart, but he could feel the older man watching him. And as his body become more and more revealed, it became hard to pretend this was anything routine.

“Stand right here,” Hart instructed, seeing the boy stripped down to his garments. Dalton instinctively crossed his arms in front of him, trying somehow to hide the shame of his nakedness.

But Bishop Hart saw him differently. As soon as the boy was in reach, he put his hand out to touch him. His fingers trailed over his garment shirt and felt the subtle contours of his otherwise flat torso. His fingertips passed over lean muscle and sinew, studying him carefully as if he wanted to know him purely by touch.

The older man’s hands slid down the boy’s stomach and landed on Dalton’s genitals. He could feel the boy’s soft penis below, still unmoved and disconnected from his mind. Hart aimed to change that.

Standing up, he proceeded to lift up the boy’s shirt, exposing the flesh of his chest and his adolescent nipples. They reacted to the cool, bare air, indicating a modest level of sensitivity. Dalton started to feel somewhat weak, even lightheaded from this gesture.

He was trying so hard to stay focused on pure thoughts, but each touch and move the bishop made distracted him from this effort. In those moments where his body and mind thought of him in a different way, it was if he felt himself lose sense of gravity. His body became light and docile, seemingly free.

Bishop Hart saw the way Dalton responded to him. It was a rare sight, but he knew what was happening: the boy was succumbing to his seduction.

Hart moved his hands down and placed them on the boy’s buttocks. The soft, plush flesh of the boy’s backside filled his hands perfectly, as if he had been sized to fit. Dalton closed his eyes, becoming overwhelmed with the new feelings and situations. He also began to worry as his penis once again became erect.

Sitting back down, Bishop Hart paused to observe the boy’s erection. It was now the second time Dalton had been so inspired by him–and in front of him. He knew the boy needed to see what kind of pleasure there was to be had, so he decided to take an unusual step for the boy’s calling.

Pulling down the boy’s shorts, he let his reluctant boner fall freely into the air. It’s massive size seemed to dwarf the boy as it fell in front of him. Elder Dalton looked away from it, embarrassed by it, and feeling incredible shame for his body’s response.

Taking it into his hand, Bishop Hart brought the boy’s cock to his mouth, opening his lips to take it deep down his throat. He held it in place for a moment, letting his tongue fully taste the length of his erection.

He pulled it back out slowly, letting it trail across the bottom of his mouth, stopping just as the tip of the cock met the top of his bottom lip. He paused for a second, then brought it back inside.

Elder Dalton trembled on the end of his dick, shaking like a leaf on the end of a stem, vibrating furiously while the single point remained still. He closed his eyes, turning his head as he felt the intense feeling wash over him. His facial expressions contorted, wincing as if he was in intense pain and trying to get through it.

In some ways he was. There was a pain. The pain of discovery. Of knowing something now that he’d never known before. His priesthood leader swallowed him again and again, sending new pulses of unfamiliar sensations through him. He didn’t know whether to scream or to cry or to laugh.

But as the older man continued to suck his cock, things became more and more clear. It wasn’t a real pain he was experience, he just didn’t know how to handle what was being given to him. A new feeling he’d never known. Something he’d only come close to the last time he was at the bishop’s mercy. Standing there, he tried to make sense of it.

Then it hit him. He knew what this was. It was pleasure. Unadulterated, sinful, decadent pleasure. And the worst part about it… he liked it.

Published : 02/21/18


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