Elder Dalton tried hard to focus. As he stood in his temple shield, he did everything he could think of to keep his mind clear

 and pure. But lately, he couldn’t get any peace. All he could think about was the sex he’d had. The sex he wanted again.

After having lost his virginity to Bishop Hart, Dalton felt as though a door to a secret part of him had become unlocked. Suddenly, his body felt awake and aware more than it ever had been. His imagination went places never before explored. He wondered if this is what Adam and Eve felt after the bit of the forbidden fruit… if they took a second bite.

President Lee could see the change in the boy. His eyes seemed deeper, like they were guarding a big secret. He’d watched the boy in temple many times, and, like many of the priests, longed to see how the boy’s body might taste.

Standing tall over him, he felt uniquely powerful. Not just physically. 

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He knew he was superior to him in status, knowledge, power, and purpose. It was enough to make the handsome man’s cock twitch in his pants. But still, he could see just how delicate the boy was. How naive and simple. He needed to be guided and protected. Like a father to a son. And Lee loves playing daddy.

President Lee continued with his ritual, washing and cleansing the young missionary. It was customary for inductees to be anointed preparatory to them receiving the priesthood, an act that was erotic even in the most formal setting.

Lee took sacred, ceremonial oil in his hands and rubbed them over the boy’s body, blessing them and sealing their godly purpose. However, these touches were known to illicit physical responses in the horny boys being anointed… a side effect the Brethren was more than happy to experience.

For Elder Dalton, it was almost too much handle. Each touch charged his newly aware body, sensitive to the feeling of another man’s hand more than ever before. Every connection sent electricity through him, sending pleasant, tickling feelings throughout his loins. He didn’t know how to process what he was feeling, and his feelings made him unexpectedly aroused.

Standing with a full erection, Elder Dalton felt his face flush with embarrassment. Yet again, despite his best efforts, his body left him exposed, sinful, and completely desperate. The more he was touched, the more he wanted it. He felt himself becoming something he’d never really felt before. He didn’t have the words, but he was horny. Truly and furiously horny.

President Lee watched with delight as he ran his hands over the boy’s body, feeling and seeing the internal struggle going on in the boy’s head. Every breath of his that escaped seemed caught up, as if having to fight its way out through the frustrated knots inside the boy’s chest.

When his hands reached down to his genitals, he thought the boy was going to cry. Instead, his cock only got bigger, and the boy seemed desperate for him to continue.

Lee moved his hands around to Dalton’s buttocks. The two, perfectly pillow cushions on the boy’s backside were perfection. They were so soft and smooth. And warm. As if each cheek was a fresh bread roll needing to be buttered.

President Lee lifted up the boy’s shield, allowing him to see the boy completely open and without covering. Looking down at the boy’s big eyes, he could see the desperation rise. This boy needed him. He needed to be held and cared for and loved. As excited as he was, Dalton was scared, and needed a guide.

Leaning in, Lee moved his mouth closer to the boy’s, not pursing his lips, just bringing them lower within Dalton’s reach. Dalton, confused and disarmed by the man’s stunning good looks and apparent invitation, lifted himself on his tiptoes in order to allow his lips to press against Lee’s. In that instant, Dalton had made his first real choice. He chose to kiss him. He chose to need him. And he chose to keep his lips in place.

President Lee smiled inside, proud of the young boy’s courage, happy to witness his sexual awakening. He kissed him back, holding him closely, feeling the boy’s erection brush up against his concealed member. Lee had almost forgotten that he was still completely clothed, so focused on the missionary’s beautiful, boyish body.

Dalton broke from the kiss and fell to his knees. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he knew he wanted to see his leader’s body. As he clumsily worked the older man’s belt, President Lee looked down, pulling at his tie to begin removing his clothes. He loves seeing Dalton take some initiative. God knows the boy could barely speak before without permission.

As Lee removed his shirt and felt the boy pull down his pants, he realized the special importance of obedience. It’s not just enough that boys do what they say and take care of their needs–though that’s important–but they need to do so in sacrifice of their own will. What makes a boy’s submission so special is that they’re choosing to do so… they’re honoring him with their submission.

Elder Dalton looked up at his handsome leader’s face as he pulled his cock out from his garment shorts. Their eyes met for a moment as if Dalton was looking for permission; Lee responded with a steel eyed look that Dalton interpreted as a firm yes. And even if he’d gotten it wrong, the firmness of Lee’s massive cock seemed permission enough.

Taking the older man into his mouth, he felt himself become overwhelmed again. His head spun and his lips held onto the shaft as if it was anchor to the ground. He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh or squeal… so instead he just sucked. This was more than he ever thought possible. Actually, it was more thought than he’d ever thought!

He tasted the handsome priest as his big member moved over his tongue toward the back of his throat. He didn’t know how much he could take, afraid he’d choke on it if he took took. He held it firmly with both hands, cupping the balls and wrapping his tiny fingers around the shaft. He didn’t know whether to hold it like a baseball bat or a burrito–either way he knew he was dealing with perhaps more than he could handle…

Published : 03/01/18


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