Elder Edwards is an absolute stunner. Once you're done drooling over his blue eyes and pouty mouth, you see that he's also a beautifully built athlete with undeniable good looks. Boys and girls have fawned over him his entire life, and now that's he's developed a strong, man's body, and it's only gotten worse!

The Brethren see this young man's commitment to living a clean, regulated, and obedient life. With impeccable grooming and presentation, he's a model of what a handsome missionary should be. Still, they've caught his eye wandering around the other handsome boys and wonder if they can give him the discipline and guidance he needs.


Elder Edwards   The Interview

Elder Edwards sat with his chest out, shoulders back against the chair, keeping his head held high. He’d been taught his  [More]


Elder Edwards   The Calling

Elder Edwards rose to his feet, standing up from the wood and leather chair he’d been given. His fingers timidly reached for [More]