Rumors have been going around the Order about Elder Addison's behavior. The handsome young man is often too shy to talk, but his body language speaks volumes. He's been seen looking longingly at the older men of the church as well as the other missionaries. And now there's been talk that he's done inappropriate things with his companion.

The priesthood need to get to the bottom of this once and for all. This shy, submissive boy needs a strong, guiding hand to come in and put him on the right path. The Brethren want him to put those feelings toward service... and to see if the truth is as exciting as the rumor.


Elder Addison   The Interview

Elder Addison had only met President Ballard a handful of times, and never very intimately. He’d taken note of the older [More]


Elder Addison   The Calling

“Do you know why you’re here today?” President Lee asked, sitting behind his ornate, wooden desk. He seemed to embody [More]


Elder Ingles   The Covenant

Bishop Hart looked down at Elder Ingles as the boy took his foot in his hand. The handsome leader sat on the edge of a bed, [More]


Elder Addison   Initiation

President Lee ran his lightly oiled hands over Elder Addison’s body, careful to keep the loosely draped temple shield on the [More]


Elder Addison   Second Anointing

Elder Addison stepped forward into the bright white room, his eyes fixed on the handsome man standing inside. Wearing a [More]


Elder Addison   Ordination

President Lee couldn’t hardly wait to tear off the boy’s clothes. Elder Addison stood patiently and obediently in the temple [More]