Elder Dalton   Second Anointing

President Lee watched closely as Bishop Hart fucked deep into the small boy. Elder Dalton gave of himself so freely and [More]

Elder Ingles   Second Anointing

Elder Ingles could hardly believe his eyes when the blindfold was removed. He was on his back breathing heavy when [More]

Elder Dalton   The Covenant

Elder Dalton crawled on his hands and knees behind Bishop Hart. The handsome older man had placed him in just [More]

Elder Ormonde   The Interview

Elder Ormonde left the temple confused. He fidgeted with his shirt sleeve, trying to keep it aligned correctly with his suit  [More]

Elder Ingles   Disciplinary Action

Elder Ingles made his way to the temple nervously, not quite sure if he was in trouble. He’d been told somewhat ominously [More]

Elder Dalton   Initiation

Elder Dalton tried hard to focus. As he stood in his temple shield, he did everything he could think of to keep his mind clear [More]

Elder Ingles   Temple Shower

Elder Ingles followed behind Bishop Gibson, unsure of why he was being pulled away. He’d often watched the handsome [More]

Elder Dalton   THE CALLING

Bishop Hart was beyond delighted with Elder Dalton. The young boy wasn’t just innocent and virginal, but seemingly [More]


Bishop Gibson couldn’t stop thinking about the way President Faust ordered him around. As intense and demanding as it was, [More]

Elder Foster   PAST CURFEW

Elder Foster couldn’t sleep. He’d been having trouble the past few nights, staying up until the early hours, unable to quiet his [More]