Elder Sorensen   THE SACRAMENT

President Olsen is the current senior ranking guardian of priesthood tradition. Much of the Brethren’s modern practices [More]

Elder Garrett   INITIATION

Despite wearing the temple shield, Elder Garrett still felt exposed. The shield should help a boy feel more modest [More]

Elder Xanders   THE COVENANT

Elder Xanders could still taste the cum in his mouth. It had a strong, potent flavor that lingered on his tongue [More]

Elder Sorensen   ORDINATION

Elder Sorenson was no stranger to getting to fucked by the Brethren. He’d risen to a level of greet esteem among [More]

Elder Garrett   THE CALLING

Things between Elder Garrett and his companion definitely changed after the two of them had sex. For one, Elder Xanders [More]


President Oaks met with Elder Holland regularly during his mission. He spoke with Elder Holland at length [More]

Elder Xanders & Brother Calhoun   THE WARD MISSION LEADER

Brother Calhoun couldn’t stop thinking about what happened on the stairs. In the nights that followed, he even dreamt [More]

Brother Calhoun   TEMPLE VIOLATION

Brother Calhoun loves being the Ward Mission Leader. It gives him incredible pride and joy to be able to enrich the [More]

Elder Garrett & Elder Xanders   PROBATION

Elder Xanders woke up and got undressed. He made his way into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He felt the water [More]

Elder Holland   THE SACRAMENT

Every time Elder Holland encountered Bishop Angus, he found himself completely in awe of the man’s powerful physical [More]