Elder Nicola arrived on his mission with a lot of anxiety. He wanted so much to be a good missionary and impress his leaders. [More]

Elder Kimball made his way into the temple basement, led by the strong but silent Brother Hales. [More]

Elder Foster looked at himself in the mirror as he knotted his tie. He examined his shirt one last time and made sure [More]

Elder Nicola stared at the tiny door ahead of him. He waited patiently on his hands and knees in the tiny corridor. [More]

Elder Kimball’s heart was pounding hard in his chest. He could barely hear Brother Hales speaking next to him. [More]

Elder Nicola stood attentive. He wanted more than anything to prove himself. Bishop Angus and Brother Hales moved [More]

Elder Kimball was confused. As he walked in to meet with Bishop Angus, his palms began to sweat and his heart was  [More]

After Elder Holland’s new companion went to sleep, the handsome young man snuck out of his bed and went downstairs [More]

While many boys have been chosen and inducted into the Order, few are given the chance to hold a significant position. [More]

Elder Farnsworth could hardly contain his excitement as he prepared to receive the higher priesthood. [More]