Elder Esplin walked into the temple chamber wearing the ceremonial temple robes that had been requested of him. [More]

Blond hair, piercing blue eyes, smooth, milky white skin and deliciously pink lips. Elder Farnsworth is a picture perfect [More]

Elder Dobrovnik stood tall in his white shirt and tie. He was proud to soon be ordained and receive the higher priesthood  [More]

Stroking his cock while he watched Brother Morales pull out of his companion, Elder Berry quickly shot his load [More]

Elder Farnsworth was familiar with the Order long before his previous meeting with President Oaks. [More]

Brother Angel Morales had found a special place within the Order. He does not understand the doctrine that defines his place [More]

Elder Esplin had heard of the Second Anointing ritual before. It was frequently the subject of late night conversations [More]

Elder Farnsworth wasn’t looking forward to this meeting. Every time he met with the Brethren, the subject of porn came up [More]

Walking into the white room, Elder Esplin seemed almost listless with regard to his part in the ceremony before him. [More]

Neither Elder Oaks nor Elder Holland could be happier. Having been inducted into the Order and attaining the higher [More]