Elder Gardner was focused as he tied his tie. He tried calming himself in the mirror but couldn’t stop [More]

Elder Land sat nervously in the big, white room. He leg shook up and down as his palms got sweaty and hot. [More]

Elder Sorenson has privileges the other missionaries do not. Part of that is due to his beautiful face and lean physique [More]

Elder Lund made his way to the temple, subconsciously dragging his feet with each step. Worthiness interviews [More]

When Elder Gardner was called back to the temple, he was full of excited anticipation. He knew he was once again going [More]

It was just before dawn when Elder Garrett woke up. His mind had never fully quieted in the night and the start of the new [More]

Ever since Elder Land left home and arrived in the MTC, he’d been constantly surrounded by dozens of young men like him. [More]

The knock on the door was louder than he expected. Elder Gardner had been told to undress completely, shedding even [More]

President Ballard stood the boy up, grabbing his cock and feeling the tip sticky with pre-cum. Kissing him again, he [More]

Elders Garrett and Xanders walked through the temple together, neither saying a word. The Brethren had summoned [More]