Elder Foster has aspired to leadership since he started his mission [More]

The handsome, promiscuous boy has mixed emotions. There is fear, which is not helped by the grim silence of the two men in the room with him. But also an almost electric excitement.

Elder Foster knows Patriarch Smith and President Wilcox — he knows them very intimately — and it is disconcerting to see them looking so serious.

The boy was told he’s there to be prepared to receive the priesthood. But that’s all he knows. Not knowing what to expect makes him anxious.

As the men explain the ordinance, he’s aware that despite his anxiety he is becoming painfully aroused in his pants.

Older men turn him on — he loves to be told what to do, he loves it when they exercise power over him, humiliate him, punish him, and most of all he loves the feeling he gets when he knows he has pleased a man.

And performing for two men at once is particularly hot to the young Mormon missionary. His dick is leaking in his Mormon underwear making a visible wet spot on his pants.

And his tight hole is eager to get punished.

The men seem to read his mind. They order him to strip naked, and Patriarch Smith takes the opportunity to molest Foster’s body as he takes off the boy’s shirt and pants, and then the secret underwear that all Mormon boys wear.

When Foster is finally standing naked in front of the two clothed men, totally exposed and vulnerable, they look him over thoroughly and Patriarch Smith teases his nude body.

But the sexual discipline associated with this ordinance isn’t something the boy could have imagined. When they reveal to him the Priesthood Stretcher — a bench studded with dark rubber phallic plugs, each bigger than the last — Elder Foster knows what is expected.

With a little consecrated oil, the boy wets his smooth young hole, then sticks a finger in his ass to loosen it up.

He has no idea how far down the bench he’ll be able to go. But he wants to impress the men and Patriarch Smith is on hand to support him and ease him down on the studs when they’re too much for him to take.

He takes a deep breath and sits on the first stud…


Patriarch Smith is always happy to fulfill his duty toward the young men whom [More]

He leaves the boy alone as long as he can before contacting him, as he needs to reaffirm control over the young Elder. But soon his own desire becomes overwhelming. He longs to see the missionary’s young, naked body again. He has clear memories of Elder Isaacs pink nipples, round ass and tight hole. He’s eager to discipline him.

He sends word for the missionary to attend an interview where he will perform an evaluation. The moment Elder Isaacs walks through the door, the Patriarch knows that the young missionary is ready to submit. The young man is too shy to hold eye contact, like a puppy, and Smith knows he already has full control of him.

Given the extent of Elder Isaacs’s disobedience, there’s no need for words or explanations. The boy has committed every kind of sexual transgression, and he knows why he is here.

Patriarch Smith wastes no time. Once the boy’s naked, he bends him over the bed and teases him with the head of his cock. The boy lies there, still, entirely obedient. And then, as his tight hole opens to swallow the older man’s cock, eager to take him in up to the hilt, the Patriarch can tell he wants more.

Isaacs wants to feel what it’s like to get fucked, hard, by a man. But Smith fucks the boy deep and slow, ignoring the Elder’s urgent desire for a good hard, fucking. This isn’t about what Elder Isaacs wants, but about what Smith feels the boy needs.

As the boy starts to moan and writhe on the bed, the Patriarch pulls out. It’s time to examine him. He kneels on the floor, inspecting his tight pink asshole, tasting it with his tongue and pushing his thumb inside, he’s tight and wet.

He can see that Elder Isaacs’s dick is hard and aching between his legs. As a reward he allows the young missionary to touch himself, which Isaacs does and lets out a satisfying whimper.

The Patriarch knows that he’s gained full control of Elder Isaacs. The boy is on the edge of cumming. The time has come for the Patriarch to reward the boy’s patience and so he pounds the sexy Mormon missionary boy’s hole hard and deep.



Elder Lindsay   INITIATION

Elder Lindsay thinks he must have passed his inspection, since [More]

The shield is open on both sides, so every time he moves, even slightly, his juicy ass and his plump semi peek out.

Because reverence is demanded of temple-goers, his guide signals silently for him to follow, then leads the nearly nude boy to a curtained initiatory chamber.

A deep, masculine voice comes from within: “Elder Lindsay, you may enter.” He pushes aside the curtain, steps in, and sees the man who spoke.

The man has a handsome face, thick facial hair and an aura of utter seriousness. Elder Lindsay is immediately attracted to him.

“I’m Brother Daniels,” he says, “and I’ll be performing your initiation.”

Elder Lindsay remembers being washed and anointed the first time he came to the temple, but this time feels different.

There’s a tangible electric charge in the air, and Brother Daniels takes his time, lingering over every body parts he oils up, touching them gently, sensually.

Elder Lindsay’s cock is begging to be touched, and when Brother Daniels finally dabs oil on the head and rubs it in, the penis is bobbing with excitement.

And when the man gets on his knees and takes the boy’s hard tool in his mouth, Elder Lindsay can feel the cum building up in his balls, getting ready to explode.

Elder Miller & Elder Sorensen   INVITATION

Handsome Elder Sorensen hasn’t been a missionary long, but he has learned [More]

The other missionaries all look up to them, take direction or orders from them, and do their best to impress them…hoping at some point to become AP as well.

Needless to say, wherever 19 year old boys are involved, sex is always in the mix. And the purest of Mormon boys are not above using their beautiful young bodies, their hard dicks and their hungry holes to advance themselves within the mission or get what they want.

But this isn’t the only reason that newbie Elder Sorensen wants to get the Assistant to the President alone. He has also heard a rumor that the AP, Elder Miller, also has an amazing body and a voracious sexual appetite.

He doesn’t have a lot to say, and the older boy’s reticence turns Elder Sorensen on. But what can he do to impress him?

Lucky for Elder Sorensen, The Order had tasked Elder Miller with investigating the boy to see if he is a good candidate for initiation.

The two boys met at the stake center, and Elder Sorensen didn’t try to hide his excitement when Elder Miller propositioned him.

Just like that Elder Sorensen was pleased to realize he would be getting lucky.

And the AP’s body didn’t disappoint. Turns out Elder Miller is even more ripped than Sorensen imagined, and when he turns his back to the boy and asks to get fucked, Elder Sorensen is only too happy to comply.

He wants to fuck a big load out of the AP, and the thought that he will also get a little more power over the other boys as a result only heightens his arousal.

Elder Isaacs   EVALUATION

When The Order confronted Elder Isaacs about the copious gay sex he has [More]

Even though he was focused on getting each plug into his tight hole, the thought of the Patriarch’s strong hands on his naked body never left his mind.

The last plug had been too big for the boy’s tender hole, and each of the plugs had really only been a pale imitation of what he really wanted: the sexy priesthood leader’s meaty cock.

Ever since that day, Elder Isaacs has hoped the man would single him out for an private encounter. But as the weeks go by, Elder Isaacs wonders if maybe he had imagined the Patriarch’s interest? Just as he is about to give up hope, a call comes from the Mission Home. He’s to have an interview with the Patriarch.

Elder Isaacs fasts for a full day to prepare, then goes to the Home. And The Patriarch is every bit as sexy as he remembers. Without any preamble, he strips Isaacs naked and toys with his cock, which is hard the moment he walks into the room.

But when the priesthood leader pulls his dick out, and bends the boy over, and rubs the head of his penis against his hole, Elder Isaacs knows he’s finally going to get everything he has been waiting for.

Elder Miller & Elder Sorensen   INVITATION

As Assistant to the President, Elder Miller enjoys a lot of special privileges. [More]

When the mission President met with Elder Miller, the two reviewed Miller’s recommendations for mission leadership positions. Both agreed the gorgeous young Elder Sorensen is a perfect candidate to groom for ordination to the true priesthood.

It was further decided that prior to his inspection, he’ll go on splits with the muscle jock AP. Elder Miller has been tasked with getting the boy ready for his meeting with Bishop Angus.

Elder Miller meets Elder Sorensen at the stake center for their work-over, while their respective companions take off to have their own bit of fun.

As soon as Elder Miller looks into the boy’s clear blue eyes he wants to strip him naked and get a taste of his cock which appears to already be pointing straight up in his slacks.

They go through the formalities, and Elder Sorensen doesn’t bat an eye when he’s told that he’s not in trouble for fucking his companion. And he tries to act unphased when Elder Miller talks about men having sex with other men.

The thought of sanctioned gay sex is shocking but also thrilling for Elder Sorensen.

Elder Miller strips the willing boy naked and gets a fantastic view of his tight little hole. But it’s Sorensen’s cock that Elder Miller wants up his own hole.

He bends over the desk and puts the boy to the test. And once Sorensen works his cock in and starts to hammer away, Elder Miller can tell this is going to be a popular missionary giving many young men fucks they won’t forget.


The longer all-American stud, Elder Foster, is in the mission [More]

And as Elder Foster’s confidence grows, and is put in different leadership positions, his experiences continue to get sexier and sexier.

In his newest calling as an Assistant to the President, Elder Foster is entirely focused on serving the Mission President.

The mission president, as it turns out, looks almost exactly like his own father, and his dad’s brothers. And this daddy son dynamic with his mission president is an inexplicable turn on for the boy.

President Wicox is a handsome Mormon DILF with a ripped body, a deep voice, and an aggressive nature. And ever since he had sex with the mission president for the very first time, Elder Foster can’t help but think about how good the man’s cock felt when it was balls-deep up his own tight ass.

Days after the president busted a nut in Elder Foster’s ass, the boy was called to be one of the mission APs.

And now Elder Foster spends every week looking forward to climbing on top and sitting on that big dick again. Each time he wants to ride it as hard as he can.

Lucky for the boy, when President Wilcox made him AP, he had been thinking about the boy’s sweet little ass, too. And he is looking forward to teaching the boy just how deep and intimate his encounters with the priesthood will be going forward.

Elder Ricci   INSPECTION

Mormon missionary boys are in their sexual prime — most are only 18 years old! [More]

…Elder Ricci ended up stroking his dick and cumming twice just listening to the ordeal.

Elder Ricci has fooled around with a boy his own age, and gotten to know his body almost as well as his own. Elder Ricci and his companion had sex with the Brother Johnson, which was incredibly hot, but he wasn’t that much older than the two of them.

Listening to his companion whimper with each punishing thrust, Elder Ricci wonders what it’s like to have sex with a mature man.

Bishops are usually local leaders, but Bishop Angus is a sort of Area Authority. And somehow, the Presiding Bishopric is connected to the leadership of the mission.

Given the way The Order was explained to him and his companion, Ricci suspects that Bishop Angus likes younger men. And given his handsome muscular build, he suspects many of the other Mormon boys reciprocate his strong feelings attraction.

And now Elder Ricci wonders about the other boys, and the rites of passage that await him. Sex with the bishop in his office, but what about the temple?

His mind races as he imagines the ordinance workers stripping and molesting them. Encounters with his leaders have always been very brief and very formal, but it seems things are about to change.

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