I met President Anderson when I was visiting the European headquarters of The Order. I was there attending a conference and we were grouped together for the weekend sharing a large state room with two other handsome priesthood leaders. That weekend the four of us took every opportunity to forge our bonds of brotherhood.

We were there with priesthood leaders from around the world who had been summoned by an invitation to join a secret arm of the church. We had been called to join The Order, and help the brethren recruit the finest and the fittest from among the missionary program for ordination to the Patriarchal Priesthood.

President Anderson CHAPTER 1


This was my first opportunity to document the sacred Mormon Adoption Ceremony performed by the Videntium Oraculi. [More]

President Anderson CHAPTER 2


Seeing President Anderson worship a huge dick was like watching a kid in a candy store. [More]

President Anderson CHAPTER 3


Elder Young is a really sweet guy who has spent the last year [More]

The Brotherhood of the Sun is famously represented by the temple sunstones and known for inducting skeptics into the order, and Bishop Angus happens to be one of their sexiest, most valued members.

Over and over, he successfully inducts young missionaries into the order and turns them into devout members. For many, it's the first time they've been fucked but it certainly isn't a foreign idea to them. Due to his burly stature and thick cock, the virgin boys often surrender into blissful submission and relish every single thrust the older Bishop anoints unto them.

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 1


Last Sunday, bright and early, Elder Allen was thoroughly inspected by Bishop Angus! [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 2

Elder Martinez  INSPECTION

Several weeks ago when Elder Martinez met with Patriarch Smith [More]

Bishop Angus CHAPTER 3

Elder Nelson  INSPECTION

Before Elder Nelson could go on his Mission he had to repent of [More]

President Ballard is a man who can’t help but command authority. His deep, gruff voice and stern appearance immediately turn every young man into a submissive little boy. And while he is not an angry man, he does enjoy the effect he has on the missionaries he looks over.

As a high priest, he knows that his power can come in especially useful when bringing new members into The Order. His direct and firm approach often breaks in the most stubborn of boys. And what his words can’t accomplish, his thick-as-a-can fat cock finishes the job.

President Ballard CHAPTER 1


Elder Dobrovnik is thrilled that he is being given the chance to join The Order. The young Mormon boy [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 2


All the blood rushes to Elder Dobrovnik's head and cock. The strapping, Russian teen has been commanded to lie [More]

President Ballard CHAPTER 3

Elder Dobrovnik  ATONEMENT

Elder Dobrovnik lathered up his muscular, long body as he showered off the remaining oils from his skin [More]

By virtue of his calling, President Cannon has been given the privilege of serving young elders placed in his care and said he felt spiritual promptings, among other things, while presiding. His favorite churchly duty is to preside over these sexy rituals and bear witness to these boys' amazing transformation as they're converted into faithful servants of the mormon church.

"It is an honor to watch new Elders grow," he told me. Judging by his bulge, they weren't the only one's growing.

President Cannon CHAPTER 1

Elder Allred  EVALUATION

Who wouldn’t want to be the one presiding over Elder Allred's evaluation?! [More]

President Cannon CHAPTER 2

Elder Miltmore  ORDINATION PART 1

Elder Miltmore had a dream he was getting pounded by [More]

President Cannon CHAPTER 3

Elder Miltmore  ORDINATION PART 2

The alter, having been anointed with cum, is now ready for Elder Miltmore [More]

Young Brother Clark was a missionary himself just a few years ago, and he used to daydream about fucking the other missionaries, though he never got the chance. So when his bishop called him as ward mission leader, he jumped at the opportunity to be close to the sexy young Mormon men serving in his ward.

His journey into The Order had not yet provided him the opportunity to recruit others when he caught two naughty missionary boys sucking and fucking each other. The ideal candidates for the higher priesthood are the handsome young Mormon men who are confused by secret feelings of same sex attraction they don't understand.

Brother Clark CHAPTER 1

Elder Stewart  THE LANDLORD

The ward mission leader catches Elder Stewart having sex with his investigator [More]

Brother Clark CHAPTER 2

Elder Stewart, Angel, & Brother Clark  INDUCTION

Elder Stewart jerks off with Angel for Brother Clark, and after they cum he is anointed with  [More]

Brother Clark CHAPTER 3


Stripped naked in a dark room, surrounded by his priesthood leaders, [More]

The seriousness of Brother Daniels, coupled with his deep resonating voice, makes him an intimidating man to those that don't know him. But for the elders anointed by him, they have learned he is actually very gentle and sensual, and his strong hands are as firm and commanding as any priesthood leader should be. His apparent confidence and respect for the elders trusted to his care make him an ideal member of The Order.

As a member of The Order, he savors every moment he gets with the young missionaries he inducts. Their tight, young bodies and eagerness to please make any leader proud.

Brother Daniels CHAPTER 1

Elder Lindsay  INITIATION

Elder Lindsay thinks he must have passed his inspection, since [More]

Brother Daniels CHAPTER 2


Only a select few missionaries make it to the secret initiatory ordinances [More]

Brother Daniels CHAPTER 3


As Brother Daniels and Brother Johnson bring in the priesthood stretcher, Elder Ricci [More]

Years ago, Brother Jensen was first introduced to Mormonism by his neighbors and was shown a good time by them. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), his night-time visits with the two naughty missionary neighbor boys had gotten them caught by their mission president, whom had stayed up all night in their apartment to speak with them. When the elders finally returned from a good fuck, they were in huge trouble and Elder Rex was sent off to be indoctrinated into The Order.

Now, through that experience, Brother Jensen has also been inseminated by The Order and has become a valuable member for recruiting new boys.

Brother Jensen CHAPTER 1


When Elder Rex, a farm boy from Idaho [More]

Brother Jensen CHAPTER 2


A little less than two years ago, Elder Rex was facing [More]

Brother Jensen CHAPTER 3

Elder Roberts & Brother Jensen  GOSPEL PRINCIPLES

Brother Jensen shows his gratitude to the missionaries by [More]

Until just a little bit ago, Brother Johnson was just a local member. But The Order had other plans for him and called him to a ward mission leader to take advantage of his defining qualities; his confidence, his assertive attitude, and his passion. These things coupled with his charming smile, The Order was certain he would attract many like-minded boys. And they weren't wrong!

When he found two missionaries fooling around in a church, he took the opportunity to whip out his giant cock and test their tight holes while also fulfilling a deep sexual fantasy of his own.

Brother Johnson CHAPTER 1

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci  P-DAY WITH BROTHER JOHNSON

Elder Ricci is spending his Preparation Day in a haze [More]

Brother Johnson CHAPTER 2

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci  P-DAY WITH BROTHER JOHNSON

The ward mission leader, Brother Johnson, is in a dark, empty meetinghouse [More]

Brother Johnson CHAPTER 3

Elder Lindsay & Elder Ricci  CORRELATION MEETING

Elders Lindsay and Ricci are Mormon missionaries … and secret boyfriends [More]

When Brother (Angel) Morales was first invited by two young elders to go to their apartment, he knew nothing about Mormonism. He hadn't heard much about it and didn't know his tattoos were against the religion. And he had never looked into any religion at all simply because he wasn't interested.

But, nevertheless, he decided to go with them if only because he didn't have anything else to do. He thought all religions were too much work and most of them didn't approve of his habits of smoking weed and casual sex; two things he could never see himself giving up. Little did he know, though, The Order was VERY accepting of his sexual nature and wanted to recruit him.

Brother Morales CHAPTER 1

Elder Berry & Elder Stewart  FIRST DISCUSSION

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart have been having so much sex with one another, their work has really [More]

Brother Morales CHAPTER 2

Elder Berry & Elder Stewart  SECOND DISCUSSION

After sucking off their hot houseguest through the slats of their bunk bed, the elders  [More]

Brother Morales CHAPTER 3

Elder Berry & Elder Stewart  THIRD DISCUSSION

Elder Berry and Elder Stewart are taking turns sucking their houseguest’s cock [More]

As a representative of The Order, President Nelson is responsible for conducting thorough inspections of many Mormon boys. The process is extensive and invasive and he demands never to be disobeyed while performing it. He accepts nothing less than perfection from them and he knows these boys need – and like – discipline.

And most of the missionaries would agree! When they see him their young, hormone-drenched bodies are turned on by his imposing physical presence and his commanding tone. His square jaw, his big hands, his deep voice — everything about him makes young missionaries want to get on their knees and worship the man’s fat cock. They longingly lust to see his rock-hard abs in motion as he fucks them into  blissful oblivion.

President Nelson CHAPTER 1

Elder White  THE CALLING

Elder White’s cute face, winning smile and evident goodness have endeared him [More]

President Nelson CHAPTER 2


Elder White’s mission has been full of surprises, but nothing quite so surprising as [More]

President Nelson CHAPTER 3


Elder White had never seen a penis as big as President Nelson’s before his mission [More]