If you have ever fantasized about hot Mormon missionaries, or wondered what they do behind closed doors, you’re in the right place.

What is MormonBoyz.com?

This is the place to showcase beautiful young Mormon boys. These guys are every bit as sexual as other boys their age, but are also wonderfully innocent and wholesome. And actually, you might even say that because of their deprivation, these boys are pent up and starved for release, and that makes them even more sexual.

The Priesthood Authority

This is also the place to reveal the true process by which young Mormon men receive their priesthood authority, a process which has been a closely held secret for more than 150 years; only now is this true process being brought to light by MormonBoyz.com. Although ordination by insemination is not practiced among the general membership of the Church very often, this true transfer of priesthood power has been ongoing since Mormon founder Joseph Smith and friend Oliver Cowdery were inseminated by John the Baptist, the Apostles Peter, James, and John, and each other.

The Videntium Oraculi (School of the Prophets)

After this restoration of the priesthood to the earth, Joseph Smith was instructed by Elohim to organize the Videntium Oraculi, the true order of the priesthood, so that it would never be lost from the earth again. Those who have received this priesthood power can trace their semenal lineage all the way back to Elohim himself.

The Missionary Program

In order to sustain the Videntium Oraculi, Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon), and started a missionary program that would allow the Brethren to test and try young men and assess their worthiness. Those who pass this test are selected to enter the sacred priesthood order. Only the finest physical specimens of Mormonism are invited to join*.

Then and Now

Previously on MormonBoyz.com, those invited to join the Videntium Oraculi could only be featured before any of the rituals were performed. But now, we can show most everything. Although exposing the sexually explicit rituals is not unanimously approved by the Videntium Oraculi, several chapters within the organization felt the time was right, considering what is being called the “Mormon Moment” in politics and the media, to let the world know the fascinating and also terribly arousing truth behind the facade of Mormonism.

What Joseph Smith Really Taught

Joseph Smith taught that “in order to be ordained as ambassadors of the VO you must show obedience to the rules that are set forth. Proper conduct at all times is at the utmost importance.” Joseph Smith explained that by giving dedicated service to the order with “all your heart, might, mind and strength, and through the fruit of your loins, you may stand blameless before Elohim and your fellow brethren.”

Dress and Appearance

By showing obedience to the rules one must be willing to adhere to a strict dress code; only conservative business suits in dark colors with white shirt and tie. Including the sacred underwear which serves as a constant reminder to the pledge one has made to the Priesthood.

“Get your hair cut regularly and nicely trimmed above the collar and around the ear. Beards, moustaches and side-burns are to be avoided and can only be worn under special circumstances upon approval.”

Self Discipline

An Elder must be willing to attend all meetings and also maintain full strength and health through a healthy diet, rest, exercise and proper cleanliness. Proper health includes a routine for regular masturbation during personal and companionship study time, and exploration of self-pleasure.

Induction Process

Once an Elder has shown allegiance to the guidelines, several rituals are performed before ordination by insemination is actually performed; such as an interview before the leading priesthood, an inspection by either the Bishop or Patriarch, and an evaluation.

Once an Elder has been properly ordained, he is instructed to go forth, harvest the fields, and bring forth other worthy young men into the fold who desire it.

Today, young men are selected based on their purity and beauty and actively recruited to become members of the VO.

*note: If you feel you have what it takes to be part of the Videntium Oraculi, please do not hesitate to apply. The leadership has been known to consider applicants from outside of the Missionary Program and the Church entirely. Although, the majority of new recruits will continue to come from within the Church’s Missionary Program. All participants must be at least 18 years of age.